Advice For Happy Married Life

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Do it Now

You have two choices when you look at the calendar today.

You may think "This is July. I can not believe 2013 is more than half! Whatever happened to all my goals?"

Alternatively, you may think "It's July., Which means I still have half a year to destroy all my goals!"

Can we agree that the second option is the way to go? Then let us also agree we are not going to spend time on the single "Can woulda should."

Instead, let's channel the mental energy to get back on track in 2013.

How to get started?

If you are an avid reader of Dumb Little Man You've avoided all the pitfalls of goal setting. But it's still not enough to make you get up off the couch. (Or you do not need this article!)

In fact, it's a good bet that you know exactly what to do.

You just need the motivation to do it!

That is why we have compiled this list of eight inspirational tips, tricks and hacks to give you a mental edge to follow your goals.

We are sure they will put a rocket under your butt and get your 2013 goals back on track.

So let's get started:


Remember when you decide you need to change? You look for shirts that hang past your waist-band ... because you can not button your pants. Or you withdraw from a group dinner at a hot new restaurant in town ... because your credit cards are maxed out.

Remember the pain you felt, and humiliation?

And remember how you swear - swear! - That 2013 will be different?

You may want to remove these thoughts from your memory bank. But do not push that button.

Instead, pull the injured reservoir to strengthen your resolve when you want to skip exercise, or eating donuts, or buy a set of speakers that you can not afford.


If your goal in 2013, including "Lose weight, learn Chinese, the next Facebook Launch, Build your dream home on the DIY kit, Climb Mount Everest ..." Well, no wonder you feel like a failure.

The goal should be to improve our lives, not to make us miserable!

So give up.

And start again.

Select two or three goals that can realistically be reached by the end of this year. Personal habits that may not want to change right away. And two long-term goals you can continue to chip away in the weeks and months ahead.

Ignore critics - internal or external - to say that two or three goals is not enough: Bring a laser like focus to a neat list will ensure your success.


Some experts stated goals in a positive stress - not negative - the term, while others show the purpose of the sentence as if they had occurred.

A better tactic?

The purpose is so encouraging and juicy that the whole world fades into the background when you think of them. (And you have to think about them often. See No. 5.)

Thus, "Make more money" or "Lose weight" simply will not work.

More like it:

"I'm tired of being broke. Restaurant consulting business I launched zero overhead during my evening and weekend hours. In one year I will make enough money to quit my job. And I'll never work for anyone else as long as I live. Who's the boss now? ME! "


"I'm tired of being fat. Was not who I am. I could lose 25 pounds just by cutting out junk food and fast food, and walk again. Coming New Year's Eve, I'm going to rock that little black dress size 6 that has been collecting dust in the back closet. Has your smart phone ready, world, for I certainly pose for a photo. "


For each goal, came up with a list of 100 fun, easy steps and free (or nearly free), you will need to take to achieve that goal.

If you are trying to lose weight, the list could include: "Use side door to avoid the candy jar near the front door" and "Walk the dog while I was listening to my favorite radio podcast" and "Use Pinterest to find a healthy breakfast and lunch recipes that I will enjoy eating. "

Mogul-in-the-making might write: "Get a library card and read one book a week business or marketing" and "business associates Join me and start networking environments" and "Find the struggling restaurant and offers consulting - in exchange for a testimonial video recorded . "

Begin to strategize how you can absorb small steps in your daily life.


Use your choice of devices - smartphones, watches, kitchen timer, whatever - to chime every hour on the hour.

When it does, quietly reinforce your goals with a spell that would bring a sly smile on your face: .. "I'm an unstoppable freight train I lost 25 pounds by New Year's Eve Consider yourself warned:. Get in my way, you will get hurt."

Or "business books will be written about my dogged persistence. Harvard will dedicate management course to ride my skyrocket. One day, Gordon Ramsay would want my restaurant consulting advice. I'll try to fit him in."

Every day, they give you spell fun, creative twist.

And if anyone asks about the clock chime, you can honestly say: "This is the technique I use to make sure the day is not getting away from me."

6) DREAM Program

Instead of counting sheep before you go to bed every night, you conjure an image of success relaxed.

Perhaps you, meditating, looking sleek and slim in the latest yoga wear (size 6!).

Perhaps you, relax with a drink (delivered by your butler) from your studies Manhattan overlooking Central Park.

Asleep with empowering images in your head.

When you wake up in the morning, spend five minutes in bed visualizing yourself successful you are blasting through the days ahead. That you are in a size 6 skirt J.Crew turning heads on the subway, a delicious lunch tucked in your wallet. That's you, wearing a hand-sewn Italian business suit to tell the driver you have a change in plans - instead of heading straight to the city center office, you stop uptown to meet new prospective clients.

Write all the delicious images below, so you can use it on days when your creativity is reduced.


You have to spend the last 60 minutes a day working toward your goals.

What's that, you say? You do not have the time?


President Barack Obama exercises six days a week. And President George W. Bush did the same thing when he occupied the White House.

Are you saying you are more busy than the leader of the free world?

Even if your goals have nothing to do with fitness, realize that you are lying if you say you do not have the time to dedicate 60 minutes a day is very little towards your goal. So just do it!

You can break it if it's easier. Working on your business plan for 30 minutes, twice a day. On particularly busy days, working in four 15 minutes. interval. Back to the list of 100 ways to achieve your goals and identify those that can be done in little spurts of time.

If you are trying to lose weight, spend 30 minutes a day on food preparation and planning, and power walking 30 minutes a day.

Bottom line: Give 23 hours a day for The Man, your partner, "World of Warcraft," your children, your journey, Pinterest, sleep and what time tugging at you.

But you deserve 60 minutes a day to make your dreams come true.

Do you?

8) SHOUT from the rooftops

Do you think you are the first person who wants to lose 25 pounds, or be their own boss?

Of course not. And you certainly will not be the last.

So what if you use your drive - your ups and downs especially you - to encourage others?

If people at work see you drop pounds with brown bagging lunch and skip the candy jar, they tend to do the same.

And if your friends and relatives see you take small steps to financial freedom is achieved persistent, might encourage them to make wise budgeting decisions.

Imagine the ripple effect if everyone who has you motivated, in turn motivated others?

There are, literally, there is no end to the number of people that you can be inspired by the grit and determination.

You also can inspire the masses by starting a blog. Who knows, maybe one day that could one day be turned into an e-book that you sell on your site. (If you're thinking "But I'm terrible spelling" or "I do not know how to write a book" - that's why people use spellcheck and hiring ghostwriters, silly)

You can also become an instructor, consultant, or a motivational speaker - or all three. You can command big money to help people learn from your mistakes and your successes.

Furthermore, by making a public commitment to you - to shout from the rooftops - you are much more likely to stay on task in itself. (You would not stick your hand into a tube of M & M at work if you know you are being watched!)

Well, there you have it - a strategy most inspiring our 2013 goal to get you back on track.

Which of these tips do you think would work best in your life?

If you put them to use, we want to hear all about it.

Oh, and one more thing: When you bask in all your accomplishments come December 31, 2013, raised a glass of champagne our way.